Proven Business Opportunity

The market for used boats is booming!
That’s according to statistics from the International Council for Marine industries.

A Boatshed Franchise/License opens the access to this market for you. Join Boatshed, with a full-scale franchise providing everything you need to operate profitably in the used-boat sales business.

Everything a broker needs is provided, and much more – a wealth of innovative services. Boatshed’s name and reputation attract quality boats and buyers and their sales platform is, frankly, the best in the business.

Graham WharmbyBroker Boatshed Bourgogne

Modular Brokerage

Earn fees, work flexibly in the used-boat business.

You probably know owners of used boats. Some of those you know are probably thinking to sell their boat? Boatshed can offer you a commission if you simply refer them to us and this results in a successful sale by Boatshed, the world’s largest yacht broker.

Earn 20%  or 40% of the Brokerage commission when boats sell, as you take on a smaller or larger part in the boat sales process.

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Which business is right for me?

Franchise/LicenseModular Brokerage
Looking to start a new business
Exclusive Territory
Are you an existing broker and would like to join the Boatshed Network?
Turn your boat interest into a part or full time job
Start selling boats to compliment your existing product or service
Selling new boats and would like to sell used?
Existing broker that needs improved software and systems
Charter business wanting to sell used boats

What the brokers say

I thoroughly recommend becoming a Boatshed franchisee.  I own and run a profitable franchise using Boatshed’s excellent systems and software.  Everything a broker needs is provided, and much more, with attention to detail, effective problem solving support and innovative services.  Boatshed’s name and reputation attract quality boats and buyers and their sales platform is, frankly, the best in the business.

Graham WharmbyBroker, Boatshed Bourgogne, France

Boatshed’s sales network and well-known branding sit alongside my established marine services business. The two brands integrate very well together with Boatshed enabling me to offer additional services to my customers at an affordable price. This has proved a cost effective way to successfully expand my business into used boat sales

Trevor BethellBoatshed North Wales, & Abersoch Land and Sea
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